A Day in the Life: Niche Niche Restaurant Review

Something New Yorkers often hear about in their day-to-day is what new restaurant opened in what trendy up and coming neighborhood. Well, last night, Neal and I went to just such a new trendy restaurant called Niche Niche. It’s located on the border of SoHo and the Village. The owner is Ariel Arce, who happened …


The Scariest Drive in Utah: Shafer Trail Road via Potash

Canyonlands National Park is one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see. Neal and I fell hard for the park from the second we stepped tire in it. We’ve written about all we saw in Southern Utah on this trip, including nearby Arches National Park, but Canyonlands was our favorite. After we spent a …

Book Review: Universal Harvester

They say sophomore novels are hard to write and often not very good. But I found Universal Harvester an incredibly interesting exercise in writing. This book is about people in our lives that go missing, or it’s about people who have lost their mothers, or it’s about just how far we’ll go to remember someone we’ve lost, or to find them. You decide.