Book Review: The Cabin at the End of the World

by Paul Tremblay

The Cabin at the End of the World is about a family vacationing in, you guessed it, a cabin. They are enjoying the grass, sunshine and fresh air when a group of four strangers knocks on their door holding what look to be weapons. Once they force their way in, they reveal to Daddy Andrew, Daddy Eric and their daughter Wen, the plot they’ve dreamed up to save the world, and it requires a sacrifice. Page after page, the family is confronted with the quandary of whether to save themselves or save the world. But would the plot really work? Was the world really ending? Was it all some farce cooked up by a man with a grudge against the vacationers? Were the others brainwashed? Could they brainwash them?

These are all questions you’ll keep asking yourself as you read this book. Sometimes you’re rooting for one outcome and sometimes you want the opposite. For me, the action was all in the dialogue. I didn’t really appreciate some of the history/side plot. I found it distracting and a bit boring. So I skipped those parts, which I rarely do! I think this book is worth reading quickly. Don’t spend too much time on it–there isn’t any substance for you to dwell on anyway!

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