Our Favorite Things to See, Do and Eat in Sedona, AZ

Sedona is a very special place. It’s known for its red rocks and peaceful energy. When Neal and I lived in Phoenix, we went to Sedona three or four times and even got married there!

Now that we live in NYC, we sadly can’t go to Sedona on any given weekend. We did go back, however, for our 5 year anniversary. Here are some of the best things to do and see in Sedona.

Sunrise at Airport Mesa

Start with a great sunrise. Airport Mesa, among many others, is a great spot to watch it. I certainly recommend it, but I am assuming in the summer it gets very crowded. We always went to Sedona in the Spring and Fall, so I can’t speak to summer (it’s too hot to hike!). Hike up the Mesa Trail to get some alone time. We had a great view with only a couple other people while we were up there.


West Fork

West Fork is one of our favorites in and around Sedona. It’s a roughly 7 mile hike that’s easy and flat, but offers awesome views. You’re constantly overshadowed by huge rock walls.

At some point, the trail turns into a creek bed. You can keep going, I’m sure, but we turned around. We’d already had such a great time on the hike, but had no gear!

Bell Rock

Bell Rock is a popular hike. One of the reasons I love the hikes in Sedona is because a lot of them end with you sitting on a huge rock face.

Bell Rock

I never get sick of looking at Sedona’s red rocks. Bell Rock is not a hard hike and you get to look over Sedona, not to mention jump from rock to rock like you’re back in elementary school playing in a creek. Great fun!

Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock

Neal and I got married at the base of Cathedral Rock. It’s a short hike to the base, so our guests made the trek. If you keep going, though, you find yourself walking on steep rock face to sit in the Cathedral. This is a great hike with a beautiful place to relax. On one side, the wind whips around so hard you get wind burn, but on the other, it’s peaceful and calm.

Merry Go Round Rock

Neal and I almost got married at Merry Go Round rock instead of Cathedral. We decided it was too hard to get up there — we would have had to rent jeeps to get everyone there. But it’s a great drive up and a short hike to a beautiful overlook.

Devil’s Bridge

Another fun hike is Devil’s Bridge. It’s 4 miles and you can make it more or less thrilling. We made it more thrilling by venturing out onto the bridge itself.

It looks a lot more stable in the picture. It feels super thin and delicate when you’re walking on it. A great place to do yoga!

These are some of our favorite hikes. There are so many more.


Aside from its amazing hikes, Sedona is known for its energy spots. We always make sure to go to a vortex while we’re there, pay our respects and zen out a bit. There are also a lot of spas if you need a little help relaxing!


The other great thing about Sedona, and Arizona in general, is the food. They have a lot of vegan and vegetarian-friendly places. My absolute favorite place is ChocolaTree. It has a ton of vegetarian options and great chocolate truffles. I also highly recommend Berry Divine for acai bowls. I think the last time we were there we had 2 or 3! They are great for a hot day and really packed with fruit, nuts, etc. Very good. Heartline Cafe catered our wedding and has delicious food!

Backyard of ChocolaTree


One pro-tip re: Sedona is where to stay. There are a lot of great hotel spas here for all the rich people who come to visit. HOWEVER, they’re very expensive. Airbnb and vbro are great alternatives. We got a 4 bedroom house with a beautiful view of the red rocks and a hot tub for $800 for a whole weekend. Can’t beat that!


No trip to Sedona would be complete without going to Tlaquepaque (pronounced Ta-La-Ka-Pa-Key). Tlaquepaque is a cute enclosed outdoor shopping center. They have great restaurants and shops. Really beautiful at night. A lot of people have their receptions here.

In short, Sedona is a great introduction to the southwest, and has a lot of very accessible hikes to amazing views. You don’t even have to hike up — you can hike along creeks here and be just as happy. Though many people think Sedona is only for rich people, they are sorely mistaken. It’s a great day trip from Phoenix or Vegas, or be a much enjoyed stop on someone’s way to the Grand Canyon. Plus, a trip to Sedona can accommodate any budget! Our wedding, for instance, was extremely cheap because we got married outside in nature. No need to rent a place! But of course, the wonders of Sedona are hardly a secret. There is something to enjoy for everyone!

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