Mexico City: Chapultepec and the Anthropology Museum

We recently visited Mexico City for a bachelor party and laid out everything we did here. In this post, we dive deeper into the sights we saw on our first day in Mexico City.

Chapultepec Castle

After eating a bunch of tacos and a short Uber ride from our hotel, we started exploring in an enormous, beautiful park called Bosque de Chapultepec. This park is huge and lovely to walk around. There are lots of vendors throughout the park, as well as stray kitties!

At the top of the hill in the park is Chapultepec Castle.

There’s a walk uphill to the castle that’s well worth it. As you make your way up, you have an incredible view of the park and the city in the background.

Not to mention there’s a statue of this guy!

The castle is pretty cool. We found out that if you’re close to closing time (5pm), you get in free! We moseyed on in and got to take advantage of the even better view at the top, as well as a chance to look around at the furniture, carriages and other cool stuff inside the castle.

The outside was beautiful:

Gorgeous inside:

And awesome view!!

When you come back down, you can marvel at the Monument to the Niños Héroes and other fun aspects of the park. Buy some fruit in a plastic cup, or some belts, or whatever else you might be in the market for! They have everything.

Monument to the Ninos Heroes

National Museum of Anthropology

We walked from Chapultepec Castle to the National Museum of Anthropology. On your way there, you walk through more of the park. You can’t help but enjoy its beauty.

There’s a contemporary art museum before you get to the Anthropology Museum, called Musea Tamayo. My friend snapped a pic, but we didn’t make it in.

Apart from the museums, there’s some great entertainment on the walk. There were these men with ropes tied to the ends of their feet that were dangling from a pole. They whirled around the pole until they unwound themselves enough to put their feet on the ground. All the while, they were playing instruments!

The park also has a lot of these Jacaranda trees in full bloom. So GORGEOUS! All over the city we admired the Jacarandas. As you can see, they have bright purple blooms. It makes the city colorful and vibrant.

These ones are right outside the Anthropology museum. Speaking of which, we got there with about an hour or an hour and a half to look around (FYI: it closes at 7pm). We got to see quite a lot, but we have to go back! It was very cool with a lot of history and artifacts. It’s also so cheap compared to museums in NYC. Here are some of the things we saw there.

It also has this great fountain in its courtyard. We caught it at the perfect time when the sun pierced through the clouds.

So there you have it. You could do both of these attractions for a LOT longer. We only got to about half of the museum. The park itself also is a lot bigger and has so much more to offer!

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***Thanks to Chris and Tyler for organizing and Chris, Neal and Ted for sharing pictures***

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