Hiking Anthony’s Nose: A Day Trip from NYC

Exploring the Hudson Valley by Metro-North is one of the greatest discoveries I’ve made while living in NYC. It can get so concrete around here, if you know what I mean. Life is elevators and subways and street noise. When you get on the Metro-North, you start to see the city fall away to rolling hills abutting the Hudson and small lakes and creeks. Our latest adventure was to the viewpoint at Anthony’s Nose.

Getting There

I strongly recommend these Metro-North trips, but I have to say this one is a little bit of stretch. To get to Anthony’s Nose trailhead, you go to the Manitou stop, about an hour and fifteen minutes outside the city. From there, you walk up a quiet street onto the main road about 1.5 miles. There’s uphill to the trail head and it takes about 30 minutes. There’s not much shoulder along the way. I say it’s a stretch because, well, you’re adding three miles onto your hike just getting to and from the train. But, then again, parking looked crazy by 11am, so I don’t suggest a car either. Oh, life’s conundrums.

The Trail

The Anthony’s Nose trail is quite nice. It’s very steep for the first 30 minutes or so, but nothing like the scramble of Breakneck Ridge. We follow the white trail markers (Appalachian Trail) until we got to a fork. From there, we chose the black marked trail. I think black means harder, which I didn’t realize at the time. We ended up doing a bit more uphill, but it was a “shortcut” otherwise. After the black trail, you hit a wide trail marked with blue spray paint.

The blue trail is easy. All that hard work coming up, we now leveled out. We came quite early (say it with me: always go early), but there was a family on this part of the trail that was extremely loud and a bit annoying. I’m happy to share the trail, but also was happy to speed up a bit to get away from these folks. Anyway, the trail is easy to follow and opens to a very rocky platform.

The View

Once you get to the top of Anthony’s Nose, you are well-rewarded with a gorgeous shot of the Hudson. You can see Bear Mountain Bridge (aka Purple Heart Veterans Memorial Bridge), Bear Mountain, a pedestrian footbridge, and everything up and down the Hudson. We got up to the top around 9:30. People started pouring in behind us. But there are so many spots up here to sit and enjoy the view by yourself, I was very pleased.

The Way Back

After we enjoyed the view for a good long while (I really liked it up there), we left the way we came in. Going out is almost all downhill, so it’s really fast. You have to be careful though, as the rocks are slippery!

After the Hike

We got back to the road and it was only 10:30ish. Bear Mountain Bridge wasn’t too far south, so we decided to walk to the bridge and then cross it. Apparently you can see peregrine falcons here at certain times of the year. (We didn’t see any.) The way over the bridge is very easy. It’s a little scary as there is only a 2 foot wall between you and the cars and then the wall between you and the Hudson has slits so you can see straight down. It’s really pretty though! The river is lined with train tracks, so you can watch them as they go by or enjoy the way the tracks look nestled in the trees.

Downsides of the Hike

There are four downsides I see to this hike. As I said, it’s a long way from the Metro-North stop. Another downside is that this hike is very short. I think you spend more time walking to and from the Metro-North than you do on the trail. Also, the train schedule is not great. While there are a lot of stops in the morning going to Manitou, there are NO STOPS leaving Manitou on a Sunday until 1:24pm. I get it – people are going to spend time hiking. But the hike is so short and if you get there early, like we did, you’re ready to go at 11:30! So we had to find something to do…

Unlike Breakneck and Peekskill, the town of Manitou is not really a town at all. There is no food. The next food is in Garrison, Peekskill, or if you have to go that far anyway, Cold Spring. Cold Spring is our favorite. To kill time, we went to Hudson Hil’s Cafe for a delicious breakfast. It took more than 20 minutes for our Uber to arrive, but our Uber driver was really nice. When we got to the cafe, there was an hour wait that really ended up being about 45 minutes. Cold Spring is so cute that I could walk around it all day, so no big deal.

We ate breakfast (lunch) and got on the 2:19 train from Cold Spring. But first, we grabbed ice cream by the water at Moo Moo’s. All in all, a great trip.

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