About Us

Welcome to our blog! We are a couple who works hard, but likes our down time better. We travel a lot. As for big vacations, we like to alternate domestic trips with trips abroad annually. We have almost exclusively traveled abroad in Europe, so we are definitely planning to branch out to Asia, Africa, Australia & South America. We also take lots of weekend trips, checking out different cities or national parks in the U.S. We’re hoping this blog will help us track our own trips, and help others in planning their trips or simply sharing in our lives as we travel. You can read about our very first travel experience together when we were just 18 in 2004 here.

In 2021, we are welcoming a new member of our family! That, in combination with COVID-19 ‘s upheaval, we are using this blog as a place to chronical the pregnancy/birth and what we’re thinking for when we finally get to travel again.

Want a good book recommendation for a trip? We read a lot, especially Neal! Neal is currently working on reading a biography for every U.S. president. He’s about a third of the way through. He reads a lot of books in between. Sarah reads more of a random selection of mostly fiction. We check out reading lists for inspiration and also have a great local book store with good suggestions. We hope people will pick up some of the books we review and enrich their own lives with them on vacation or otherwise! We are not professional book reviewers, but are happy to give the everyday man’s perspective on what we’ve read.

We hope you enjoy!