Book Review: They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us

by Hanif Abdurraqib I know that I stopped thinking about extreme grief as the sole vehicle for great art when the grief started to take people with it.  They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us is a collection of essays by an author who grounds his memories and insights into life and race/religion relations in …


Book Review: Universal Harvester

They say sophomore novels are hard to write and often not very good. But I found Universal Harvester an incredibly interesting exercise in writing. This book is about people in our lives that go missing, or it’s about people who have lost their mothers, or it’s about just how far we’ll go to remember someone we’ve lost, or to find them. You decide.

Book Review: Meddling Kids

by Edgar Cantero Meddling Kids is the dark update on the Scooby Gang that we didn’t know we needed. Edgar Cantero can’t use the familiar names from our childhood Scooby Doo, but he can take the mystery solving kid detective concept and meld it with the horrors of dealing with your past/growing up. Cantero’s mystery-horror-comedy takes place 13 …