A Weekend in Lucerne, Switzerland

At the beginning of our two week trip in Switzerland, we spent a weekend in Lucerne (aka Luzern). Lucerne is just an hour’s train ride from Zurich, so it’s an easy first stop out of the city. It’s a small, yet bustling, town. The train station is right next to the heart of Lucerne andContinue reading “A Weekend in Lucerne, Switzerland”

Is the Swiss Pass worth it? Our experience over 2 weeks in Switzerland

Everyone knows Switzerland has one of the best train systems in the world. What people don’t tell you is that it is dang expensive. But the trains are beautiful and the ease of not having to figure out directions is worth it to most. Plus, and more importantly, the train passes cover cable cars andContinue reading “Is the Swiss Pass worth it? Our experience over 2 weeks in Switzerland”

Hiking Zermatt: The Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge In The World!

Switzerland has a lot of amazing, gorgeous hikes. In Zermatt, we wanted to make sure we didn’t do only hikes that gave great views of the Matterhorn. We wanted to experience everything the area had to offer! So when we found the Europahutte trail to the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge, we thought it was aContinue reading “Hiking Zermatt: The Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge In The World!”

Hiking Zermatt: 5 Lakes Trail

One of the places we were most excited about visiting on our 2-week trip through Switzerland was Zermatt. Zermatt boasts, of course, the Matterhorn, in all its huge rockface glory. I’ve seen many pictures, but when you’re in that tiny ski town with the Matterhorn hovering over you all day, you realize just how muchContinue reading “Hiking Zermatt: 5 Lakes Trail”

The Golden Round Trip: Mount Pilatus Photo Guide

A long, fabulous boat ride, a blood curdling funicular, one thrilling gondola ride, one relaxing gondola ride and a bus through town…this is The Golden Round Trip from Luzern to Mt. Pilatus and back via Kierns. And it is a MUST DO. When we look back on our two-week trip to Switzerland, The Golden RoundContinue reading “The Golden Round Trip: Mount Pilatus Photo Guide”

Our Incredible 2-week Itinerary Through Switzerland

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know we just got back from an amazing, long, wonderful 2-week vacation in Switzerland. The country is full of incredible alpine views, livestock roaming everywhere, cheese and chocolate, and a diverse tourist population. Though we like a certain level of spontaneity in our trips, we didContinue reading “Our Incredible 2-week Itinerary Through Switzerland”

Monet’s Gardens in Giverny, France

When I think of France, I think of Paris, wine, baguettes, art. J’apprends le francis parce que j’aime le paris (et Montreal et New Orleans!). But some of our fondest memories of visiting France were made at Monet’s Gardens in Giverny. We had a wild adventure getting there and then soaked in the beauty andContinue reading “Monet’s Gardens in Giverny, France”

A Weekend in Scotland: Edinburgh + a day trip through the Highlands

Scotland is a beautiful, cultured country. We went as part of a trip to Bristol, England. We got a very cheap flight to Bergen, Norway (less than $200 RT!), and booked a second flight from Bergen to Edinburgh. This is a great trick for getting cheap RT tickets to Europe. It’s the create-your-own-connecting-flight strategy 😉Continue reading “A Weekend in Scotland: Edinburgh + a day trip through the Highlands”

Planning a 2-week Trip to Switzerland

So Neal and I are planning an epic trip to Switzerland for two weeks this summer. We’ve been planning like crazy and have come up with some awesome ideas. Below is what we’ve got so far. Have you been to Switzerland? What should we add? What should we drop? Help us plan! Basic Itinerary –Continue reading “Planning a 2-week Trip to Switzerland”