Hiking the Adirondacks: Scrambling up Cascade Mountain

Over July 4th weekend, we decided to go to the Adirondacks for some much needed outdoor time. We drove past Lake George to settle further north into the High Peaks region. For our first hike of the mini-vacation, we wanted an easy/introductory hike. We googled a bit and found several sites calling Cascade Mountain anContinue reading “Hiking the Adirondacks: Scrambling up Cascade Mountain”

Exploring Manhattan: The Financial District’s sites and history

The Financial District in Manhattan, despite having several touristy spots, is one of my favorite places in the city. You walk on cobble stone streets, through narrow alleys and past historic sites like One World Trade, Trinity Church and the famous bull. Because of the narrow streets with towering buildings, it can be really darkContinue reading “Exploring Manhattan: The Financial District’s sites and history”

Our Top 10 Favorite Vegetarian Places in NYC

NYC has what feels like millions of eateries. There are uber expensive steakhouses, super fancy sushi/fish restaurants, and a million other well-known, meat-heavy restaurants that get all the fuss. But there are some EXTREMELY delicious vegetarian places for us veggies out there that I have come to really appreciate as a New Yorker. So forContinue reading “Our Top 10 Favorite Vegetarian Places in NYC”

A Weekend in Austin, TX

Western fun, great food, bats, what else could you want in a city weekend trip? I visited Austin, TX for the first time last weekend and saw its potential. We weren’t there for a festival and the students were out of town, so I feel like we got to see Austin raw. What Austin reallyContinue reading “A Weekend in Austin, TX”

Exploring Manhattan: The Met Cloisters, Fort Tryon Park, and the GW Bridge

Sometimes New Yorkers think of Manhattan as whatever is below 125th. I’ve even heard anything below 60th! But of course Manhattan is a loooong island that reaches up into the 200s. If you go far enough, you get to Inwood/Washington Heights and the George Washington Bridge area. That’s what we did this past weekend andContinue reading “Exploring Manhattan: The Met Cloisters, Fort Tryon Park, and the GW Bridge”

Exploring Brooklyn: Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO

We explore Brooklyn a lot as transplant locals. Once we started to, it very quickly became one of our favorite boroughs. An amazing beer scene, history, interesting restaurants (including lots of vegan/veg places), and really beautiful buildings, street art and bridges…you can’t go wrong. Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO are super photogenic areas that I onlyContinue reading “Exploring Brooklyn: Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO”

A Weekend in Philadelphia, PA

History, art, food, beauty, much to my surprise, Philadelphia has it all… Having family just 40 minutes outside Philly, and now living an hour outside of it in NYC for 5 years, I still never really thought to go there and check it out. But I recently had to go for work and decided toContinue reading “A Weekend in Philadelphia, PA”

Hiking Anthony’s Nose: A Day Trip from NYC

Exploring the Hudson Valley by Metro-North is one of the greatest discoveries I’ve made while living in NYC. It can get so concrete around here, if you know what I mean. Life is elevators and subways and street noise. When you get on the Metro-North, you start to see the city fall away to rollingContinue reading “Hiking Anthony’s Nose: A Day Trip from NYC”

Our Favorite Utah Slot Canyons: Zebra Canyon and Kanarra Creek

When you visit Utah, the desert reminds you just how beautiful the US can be. Utah has natural arches. It has amazing hoodoos in Goblin Valley and Bryce Canyon. And it’s home to some gorgeous, secluded slot canyons with multi-colored, multi-layered sand walls. Exploring the slot canyons was one of our favorite things to doContinue reading “Our Favorite Utah Slot Canyons: Zebra Canyon and Kanarra Creek”