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Book Review: Universal Harvester

They say sophomore novels are hard to write and often not very good. But I found Universal Harvester an incredibly interesting exercise in writing. This book is about people in our lives that go missing, or it’s about people who have lost their mothers, or it’s about just how far we’ll go to remember someone we’ve lost, or to find them. You decide.

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A Day in the Life: Street Art (Bushwick Collective), Breweries & a Michelin Star Restaurant in Brooklyn

No trip to NYC is complete without a day exploring Brooklyn. Brooklyn is known for its beer and street art, and if you’ve been following our blog, you know we love both. Living in NYC makes it so we have the pleasure of rotating beer and street art. Check out what’s currently in the streets …

A Day in the Life Current Projects

A Day in the Life: Attending the Game of Thrones World Premier in NYC

Let me begin by saying this post will not say anything at all about the content of the first episode of Season 8 of Game of Thrones. Because I: It will however tell you everything about attending the premier itself. Neal and I are big Game of Thrones fans. Because Neal works at HBO, we …