Dueling Book Review: Kings of the Wyld

This.Book.Is.Awesome. As you may remember, Neal read and reviewed Kings of the Wyld last month. I just finished the book and have my own thoughts to share! As Neal detailed, it’s about a world plagued by monsters and the group of guys who used to be the best at battling them. The band, Saga, isContinue reading “Dueling Book Review: Kings of the Wyld”

Book Review: Circe

By Madeline Miller Circe is immortal and the very first witch. Her name is old and her story has been told before. But Madeline Miller puts a new perspective on this ancient tale by telling it from the viewpoint of the woman herself – not the perfunctory nod to a goddess spun into the heroicContinue reading “Book Review: Circe”

Book Review: The Devil Crept In

By Ania Ahlborn The Devil Crept In is a scary story that really sneaks up on you. The ending is utterly fantastic. The story is told by two completely unreliable narrators. The first narrator is a ten year old boy, Stevie, who hallucinates and has a wicked case of echolalia. The second narrator, Rose, is an insecureContinue reading “Book Review: The Devil Crept In”

Book Review: Kings of the Wyld and Bloody Rose

By Nicholas Eames Kings of the Wyld is the first book I’ve read by Nicholas Eames. It follows Clay Cooper who has settled into a comfortable semi-retirement after his days touring the Heartwyld – a vast wilderness full of monsters, madmen, cannibals, and much worse. He is now a sentry on his town wall whereContinue reading “Book Review: Kings of the Wyld and Bloody Rose”

Book Review: Meddling Kids

by Edgar Cantero Meddling Kids is the dark update on the Scooby Gang that we didn’t know we needed. Edgar Cantero can’t use the familiar names from our childhood Scooby Doo, but he can take the mystery solving kid detective concept and meld it with the horrors of dealing with your past/growing up. Cantero’s mystery-horror-comedy takes place 13Continue reading “Book Review: Meddling Kids”

Book Review: Franklin Pierce: The 14th President

by Michael Holt Franklin Pierce often ranks as one of the worst presidents in US history. Michael Holt repeats this apparent axiom multiple times in his 133 page biography on the 14th President which is a part of Arthur Schlesinger’s The American President Project. Holt sticks to the facts and does not write to change anyone’s mind.Continue reading “Book Review: Franklin Pierce: The 14th President”

POTUS and Me: Reading my way through presidential history

Back in May 2016, I picked up Ron Chernow’s book Alexander Hamilton shortly after the fiftieth time listening to the cast recording of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton. Something inside me just clicked and I fell in love with biographies with an emphasis on American and political history. I realized though that I really hadContinue reading “POTUS and Me: Reading my way through presidential history”

Book Review: Men Without Women

by Haruki Murakami Men Without Women is my second book by Haruki Murakami.  This one is a collection of seven short stories. On a surface level, each story seems banal. I asked myself, why am I reading this? But once I sat with each story, once I let it sit in me, I found them to beContinue reading “Book Review: Men Without Women”

Book Review: Ball Lightning

By Liu Cixin I have a love/hate relationship with this book. First, I loved the characters with their individual obsessions (Chen’s with ball lightning, Yun’s with weapons research, and Yi’s with physics). Each was well developed and I felt compelled to continue the book simply because of my attachment to the them. I also enjoyedContinue reading “Book Review: Ball Lightning”