Chur: 24 Hours in the Oldest Town in Switzerland

Sometimes I like to pretend NYC is an old city. I mean, come on, people started living here IN THE 1600s!! Yeah, I know, Europeans have bread older than that. And Switzerland is no exception. We got up close and personal with Switzerland’s oldest city, Chur, for 24 hours on our trip throughout the country.Continue reading “Chur: 24 Hours in the Oldest Town in Switzerland”

Planning a 2-week Trip to Switzerland

So Neal and I are planning an epic trip to Switzerland for two weeks this summer. We’ve been planning like crazy and have come up with some awesome ideas. Below is what we’ve got so far. Have you been to Switzerland? What should we add? What should we drop? Help us plan! Basic Itinerary –Continue reading “Planning a 2-week Trip to Switzerland”