Our Favorite Things to See, Do and Eat in Sedona, AZ

Sedona is a very special place. It’s known for its red rocks and peaceful energy. When Neal and I lived in Phoenix, we went to Sedona three or four times and even got married there! Now that we live in NYC, we sadly can’t go to Sedona on any given weekend. We did go back,Continue reading “Our Favorite Things to See, Do and Eat in Sedona, AZ”

Planning a 2-week Trip to Switzerland

So Neal and I are planning an epic trip to Switzerland for two weeks this summer. We’ve been planning like crazy and have come up with some awesome ideas. Below is what we’ve got so far. Have you been to Switzerland? What should we add? What should we drop? Help us plan! Basic Itinerary –Continue reading “Planning a 2-week Trip to Switzerland”

7 days in France: Paris + 3 day trips

The first time I went to Paris, I was 22 and studying abroad in Rome. I went with several friends. We booked a hostel and had an amazing, unplanned trip. Because Paris is like that: All you have to do is walk around and you will find everything you want to see. I told NealContinue reading “7 days in France: Paris + 3 day trips”

How to show your Grandma Greece in 7 days.

My Grandma is 80 years old. She hasn’t traveled much outside the United States. She went to the UK once, and I’m pretty sure she has visited the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. But my grandma is amazing. She’s sweet, fun to be with and incredibly spry. So I said to her, you know Grandma,Continue reading “How to show your Grandma Greece in 7 days.”

5 Perfect Days in Banff, Alberta, Canada

Alberta is a beautiful province of Canada. I don’t think I really understood it was a place until someone recommended I visit Banff. It turned out to be one of the best vacations I have ever had. It’s a gorgeous, peaceful place when it’s sunny, raining and even snowing. So here’s a quick hit onContinue reading “5 Perfect Days in Banff, Alberta, Canada”