Book Review: President James Buchanan: A Biography

Not every president can be Abraham Lincoln. Sometimes you’re James Buchanan and everyone has to have a mnemonic device to remember you existed. Klein does a great job laying out Buchanan’s rise and fall as the 15th President.

Book Review: Franklin Pierce: The 14th President

by Michael Holt Franklin Pierce often ranks as one of the worst presidents in US history. Michael Holt repeats this apparent axiom multiple times in his 133 page biography on the 14th President which is a part of Arthur Schlesinger’s The American President Project. Holt sticks to the facts and does not write to change anyone’s mind.Continue reading “Book Review: Franklin Pierce: The 14th President”

POTUS and Me: Reading my way through presidential history

Back in May 2016, I picked up Ron Chernow’s book Alexander Hamilton shortly after the fiftieth time listening to the cast recording of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton. Something inside me just clicked and I fell in love with biographies with an emphasis on American and political history. I realized though that I really hadContinue reading “POTUS and Me: Reading my way through presidential history”