Our Favorite Utah Slot Canyons: Zebra Canyon and Kanarra Creek

When you visit Utah, the desert reminds you just how beautiful the US can be. Utah has natural arches. It has amazing hoodoos in Goblin Valley and Bryce Canyon. And it’s home to some gorgeous, secluded slot canyons with multi-colored, multi-layered sand walls. Exploring the slot canyons was one of our favorite things to doContinue reading “Our Favorite Utah Slot Canyons: Zebra Canyon and Kanarra Creek”

Bryce Canyon: Fairyland Loop Trail

By far my favorite trail in Bryce Canyon, Fairyland Loop Trail allows you to get into that Utah landscape you’ve been instagramming all morning. I say morning because it’s not far from the best spot in Bryce to get the classic sunrise shot. There are two ways to trek the Fairyland Loop Trail – counterclockwiseContinue reading “Bryce Canyon: Fairyland Loop Trail”

Goblin Valley State Park: Why You Should Make the Detour

Goblin Valley in Utah is what I think Mars must be like. We traveled extensively in Utah on an amazing road trip. You can read about our full adventure here, or if you want to check out specific aspects of the trip, you can check out our post on Arches National Park and our postContinue reading “Goblin Valley State Park: Why You Should Make the Detour”

The Scariest Drive in Utah: Shafer Trail Road via Potash

Canyonlands National Park is one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see. Neal and I fell hard for the park from the second we stepped tire in it. We’ve written about all we saw in Southern Utah on this trip, including nearby Arches National Park, but Canyonlands was our favorite. After we spent aContinue reading “The Scariest Drive in Utah: Shafer Trail Road via Potash”

Photo Guide to Arches National Park

We went to Arches National Park as part of a longer road trip around Southern Utah. It was quite the highlight, with dozens of natural arches big and small. Here’s a guide to getting the most out of a trip through Arches. Getting There What to Drive First of all, if you’re doing a roadContinue reading “Photo Guide to Arches National Park”

10-day Itinerary in Southern Utah

Utah is often a state people forget about or think doesn’t have much to offer. Nothing could be further from the truth! Neal and I did 10 days in southern Utah. Here’s what we saw, where we stayed and a few places we ate. Day 1: Salt Lake City We arrived in Salt Lake CityContinue reading “10-day Itinerary in Southern Utah”